Monday, October 15, 2012

31 for 21 Blog Challenge: DAY FOURTEEN: Birthday Celebration

Sunday, we were up early.  It seems like we never allow enough time to get ready....though it is rather unbelievable.  We were up at 8am - 2 kids bathed the night before.  We didn't need to leave until 11:45 - no problem, right?  Well, a few minutes after 12 noon, we were departing.  After a few pre-planned errands, we were off to a family member's house.  Close to 1:30, we arrived; we were only about 1/2 hour late.

The day was spent with family.  It was such a nice and relaxing day.  Four birthdays were to be celebrated.  Josiah just turned one - ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures.  My aunt just turned 84 - the celebration of a long, healthy, life - closer to the end, than the beginning.  My nephew turned 20 - he is no longer that little boy or teenager but rather a handsome, young man destined to a life of accomplishments.  My birthday falls at the end of the month....I couldn't ask for a better life. 

We opted to allow Josiah to do a face plant in a piece of cake (with ice cream, of course).  Somehow, I think he was as leery as we were.  Although he grabbed the plate with great gusto, he was cautious with every movement.  He ultimately decided not to plant his face in his food.  He did allow his daddy to feed him a few small pieces of cake, as well as a few tiny spoonfuls of ice cream.  Honestly, I don't think he was impressed.

I was impressed, later at home, to see the possible effect the cake/ice cream had on him.  Luckily, we didn't have exploding diapers or a sick little boy.  What we did have was a maniac.  Instead of nursing and falling asleep in my arms at 8pm, he was full of himself.  He was energetic, giggly, full of smiles and laughter.  He was a crazy little man.  Just before midnight, the sugar had worn off; he fell asleep. 

Carl and I finally retired at midnight only to be awakened by the 2 yr old at 2:18am; He thought it was a good time to get up and play.  He was disappointed to learn that we did not agree with him.  Thankfully, he agreed (begrudgingly) to go back to sleep.  We tried, and we dozed, but I don't think we got restful sleep after that.  The alarm went off at 6:15.  It was Monday morning; it had come much too quickly....

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