Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 for 21 Blog Challenge: DAY THREE: When Will He Walk?

Josiah will be celebrating his first birthday this month.  The first birthday is always a fun one.  With our other two boys, we reminisced over the many milestones each had accomplished over the first year. 

Jesse had stopped nursing at 10 days and was primarily bottle fed.  I had returned to work when he was three months old.  He had started sprouting teeth at 3 months, was sitting at 6 months, and walking at 11 months.  At his first year check up: he weighed 22 lbs, was 31 inches in height, and had all the teeth of a 2 year old.

James had stopped nursing (via self-weaning) at 10 months.  I never returned to work.  He cut his first tooth at 5 months, was sitting at 7 months, and was walking at 11 months.  At his first year check up: he weighed 19 lbs, was 29 inches tall, and had all the teeth of a 1 year old.

Josiah is 11 months old.  He had his first hospitalization at 2 months.  He became a heart hero at 3 months (surviving open heart surgery).  He cut his first tooth at 8 months.  He has mastered head control.  The skills to master sitting are progressing by leaps and bounds.  He rolls around but cannot yet crawl.  He just reached 17 lbs and is approximately 28 inches tall.  He has a total of 4 teeth. 

Carl and I don't see Josiah as being 'delayed.'  We know he has yet to reach the developmental milestones of his peers.  We also see beyond what he has yet to accomplish.  Josiah is an amazing little boy.  He is the most social, engaging, little guy.  He loves to smile, laugh, and be included.  He loves attention.  He loves being a part of the family.

This morning, I remarked that he would be celebrating his first birthday soon.  I also remarked that his big brothers were walking by 11 months.  That thought made me a little sad - a feeling I don't usually have when it comes to Josiah.  I know he will be able to accomplish anything and everything.  Sometimes, I just need to remind myself that it might take him a little longer.

Recently, we had the boys on an outing.  Two women kept remarking about how cute Josiah was (the older boys were playing nearby).  The thought went through my mind, "Can they tell that he has Down Syndrome? or Do they just think that he's cute?"  Either way is fine.  I guess I'm trying to prepare for the day (and there will be one) when the topic is raised.

Like we've said from the beginning, Josiah is not a regret but a gift.  We don't pity him or our family.  We are humbled by the joy our boys bring to us on a daily basis.  I know someday, Josiah will be judged by someone.  Perhaps we'll be judged (again) for keeping him.  Perhaps he'll be made fun of.  I don't look forward to those moments but hope I can use them to teach others about the blessing that is Josiah.

Yes, I have the moments where I ask myself "When will he walk?"  "When will he...."  In the end, it doesn't matter.  He'll do all those things.  Our older boys will meet all of their next milestones.  They are only young once.  We will enjoy every minute of this time.  Once they meet a milestone, we can never go back.

"Slow down and enjoy life.  It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast -
you also miss the sense of where you are going and why"
- Eddie Cantor

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