Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 for 21 Blog Challenge: DAY ELEVEN: PT Strides

Josiah had physical therapy this morning.  As usual (for a Thursday), we were up at 6:30, changed, dressed, fed, and ready at 8.  D arrived at 7:59 - as prompt as usual.  She was immediately met with smiles, coos, and giggles.

Josiah has been doing well.  Despite my best intention of allowing him to utilize his new vest, I must say it fell by the wayside.  The vest still sat where I had laid it last week.  The hip helpers remained there too.  After my confession, and brief apology, D and Josiah were on to their session. 

The vest was on little man, almost immediately.  My goodness, it does make a difference!!!  Josiah enjoyed sitting today.  The support has become less and less.  It is now minimal.  At times, Josiah was sitting without any support.  Of course, D was ready to catch him when he tipped over (which inevitably happens every time).

We brought the music block out today.  It's quite tall which proved helpful.  While sitting, it forced Josiah to bring his arms up quite high to reach the top.  Then, D tried standing.  With a bit of a jackknife shape, Josiah stood hanging on to the block.  How dapper he looked sporting his vest.  He demonstrating his weight-bearing abilities like a pro.  He even maneuvered toys while doing so.

He was happy to show D how he gets into the 'all four' position and rocks (often using his head for stabilization).  I don't know if he realizes how close to crawling he actually is....

All the while, he is babbling up a storm.  Just in the past three days, he's added 'lala' and 'dada' to his verbal repertoire.  He talks in conversation.  He talks to get attention.  He talks to be funny.  (and, yes, he knows exactly the context every time).

I remain in awe at this little boy.  I dream the world for him.  Every day, he proves he can attain it :)

Thank you, God, for my piece of Heaven on earth. 

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
- Walt Disney

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