Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21 Blog Challenge: DAY FOUR: Do you See me Mom? I'm Sitting!

Josiah had physical therapy this morning, as he does every week.  We were up by 6:30, changed, fed, and waiting for D by 8am.  D was greeted by Josiah's usual grins and giggles.

D came prepared today.  She brought hip helpers and a cute little vest.  We had discussed hip helpers before and the jury remained out as to whether or not they would be helpful.  Hip helpers are similar to biking shorts - made of spandex thus very tight.  Unlike bike shorts, the inner seam of the hip helpers are sewn together.  They are used to help an baby (especially with low tone) learn to keep their legs straight (as opposed to 'frog legs').  D has been impressed that Josiah doesn't tend to utilize 'frog legs' and does a fairly good job at keeping his legs straight.  It has been her contention that Josiah needed more trunk control.

Hence, the benik vest.  The benik vest (which I had never heard of until today) is designed to provide 'stability and comfort.'  The theory is that if Josiah can learn what it feels like to do certain motions without worrying so much about his body, his body will do more.  When he's not wearing the vest, his body will try to replicate the motions and work the necessary muscles to accomplish the goals.

Josiah has been doing a great job sitting (with support from D).  Over the weeks and months, we have seen Josiah require less and less support.  Today, we witnessed something new.  Josiah sat all by himself.  It wasn't for long but it was numerous times.  He even managed to give me a couple of great smirks as if to say, "Do you see me, Mom?  I'm sitting!  Pretty cool, huh?"

It's funny how proud two parents can be of a little boy sitting.  There he was, sitting.  There we were, just as proud as punch!!!

God, I love this little boy!!!

"Even miracles take a little time"
- unknown author

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