Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Morning at Home

We left the hospital at about 5pm, yesterday.  Josiah seemed to know he was going home.  As he was wheeled out in his stroller, he was fascinated looking around.  In his car seat, he fell asleep quickly and slept until we reached home.

Jesse (the oldest) was watching out the window when we arrived home.  We were met by both boys as we came up our staircase.  The boys were happy to see Mama.  They were happy to see their baby brother.  I showed Jesse Josiah's 'zipper' (aka scar, as Daddy calls it). 

Josiah ate well and fell asleep around 9pm.  He proved happy to be home; he slept until 6am.

Josiah's voice seems stronger than ever.  He is eating well; he even burps after feeds (something he never did before).  He looks great.

We have to schedule another sedated echo cardiogram for later in the week, just to be sure the surgery 'stuck'.  We have every reason to believe that it did :)   In a week or so, we fill follow-up with the pediatrician.  It was fun reading Josiah's discharge papers.  They suggest a child who used to have heart disease (past tense).  They suggest a child lacking a heart murmur (what a great thing!).  Josiah's labs were perfect, all numbers falling within normal limits.  They suggest a child with a history of failure to thrive (which we do not anticipate to be a continued problem).  They suggest a child who's broken heart was made whole.  What a miracle <3.

I had fun playing with the other boys last night.  They were both pleased to have Mama sing and read to them before bed.  Our night-time routine was back; normalcy had been returned. 

The week continues as normal.  James's EI worker will come to play with him this morning (something he greatly enjoys).  Jesse's back to preschool (and pleased about it).  We will take the younger boys to playgroup later in the week.

It's nice to be home.  Everything just feels right :)

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