Sunday, January 29, 2012

Going Home

Josiah woke at 1am for a weight check and feeding.  He's weighing in at 3.14k (down from 3.15 the night before).  Then he slept until 7am.  We woke to confirmation of today's planned discharge.  Carl is coming at 3pm to take us home.

Josiah had several feedings this morning, as well as a bath.  His final labs came back perfect.  He is healthy.  He is strong. 

I've returned a borrowed movie.  I will return this borrowed computer soon.  Our bags are packed.  We are ready to go home.  Josiah is enjoying his last nap here.

I reflect on the last week and I am amazed at where we stand now.  I am amazed at Josiah's strength.  I am in awe of our little heart hero.  I am star-struck over his determination and bravery.  What has transpired is nothing more than a miracle (and a whole lot of skill).  They have given us back our son.  I am thankful for everything the doctors have done.  I am thankful for broken hearts made whole.  I am thankful for a wonderful family, support network, and friends.

All the while, I can't ignore what we were not faced with.  My heart breaks for the children who don't go home.  I shed tears for the car seats that leave empty.  I am saddened by the empty cribs unable to embrace the children they were assembled for.  For so many, it is not the happy ending we are living.  For those, my prayers are with you.

I will never forget how precious life is.  I shall never take for granted the miracles we have been blessed with. 

Climbing Up the Down Staircase is an incredible journey!  For that, we are so fortunate.


  1. It is an incredible journey. One that's not even over yet. Josiah is probably going to surprise us even more as the years go by. I can't wait to see how this little Miracle from god changes our world..

    1. I know he'll continue to surprise us, Heidi! I can't wait either :) The adventure truly is amazing & I feel blessed everyday to be traveling it with him <3