Monday, January 9, 2012

Pedi follow-up

We took Josiah to the pediatrician today.

The pedi had already read the report from last Friday.  We discussed the results (VSD, ASD, and enlarged heart) and upcoming appointment at the Children's Hospital. 

Josiah is doing so much better since Friday.  His color is good.  He's alert and full of smiles.  His respiration's are good, heart rate is good, and oxygenation level good (97).  These are all good signs.

The pedi was concerned that for three weeks, Josiah had no weight gain.  So, for fun, he tossed Josiah on the scale.  The little man has gained 4 oz since Friday....another good sign.

No follow-ups with the pedi are needed, unless we have concerns.

Upcoming appt at Children's will give us more info.

EI PT returns this week to work with Josiah. 

I'm so glad my beautiful boy is feeling better.

This is an amazing adventure :)

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