Friday, January 27, 2012

48 Hours Post Surgery

Josiah's progress continues to be remarkable :)
Josiah slept until almost 9am.  Upon waking up, his central line was removed, he got a chest x-ray, and nursed again.  He is such an amazing little man.  The chest x-ray results were wonderful.....everything looks great!  He was quickly transferred out of ICU and into the regular cardiac unit. 

The surgeon (Dr. E) stopped by and marveled at how well Josiah is doing.  He would like Josiah to have another sedated echo cardiogram to confirm that everything is well (which they believe to be true).  The nurse practitioner scheduled one for Monday morning, but the surgeon is saying that we will likely be discharged home before Monday a.m. - OMG, what great news!!!!  That will simply require a trip back later next week for the echo (as an outpatient).  I couldn't be more thrilled.

The cardiologist (Dr. P) stopped by and, also, marveled at how well Josiah is doing.  He, too, suggested we should be discharged home over the weekend.  We talked about the surgery success.  As we had already been told, Josiah's VSD was larger than expected.  He also had 5-6 ASD's.  All holes were successfully repaired.  Josiah also had a leaky valve, which we hadn't been told (it matters not, really).  That, too, was repaired successfully.  The cardiologist listened to Josiah's heart and chuckled stating, "He sounds great; you would never know that he used to have heart disease."  Those are words a mother loves to hear :)

Josiah's is just now getting a Synagis shot.  When I was first told that he was going to get one, I questioned it as Josiah had his first Synagis shot last week and is not due again until mid-February.  Then I learned something new.  Synagis is wiped out with bypass.  Therefore, he hasn't had any in his system since Wednesday.  Who knew???  LOL.  We'll update the Synagis schedule with the pedi, and he will get his last two doses there.  The cardiologist said it isn't necessary as "Josiah is no longer a high-risk baby."  (Again, great words to hear).  But, since he just had surgery, the cardiologist agreed to smart to follow-through with the next two doses to cover the 6-8 weeks post-op. 

Carl stayed home with the older boys today (ages 2 & 5).  They were picked up from my parents house last night.  I think the boys were happy to be home because neither of them got out of bed until 1pm today LOL!!!  I miss the boys.  I miss Carl.  I miss my sister (who also lives with us).  I'm looking forward to bringing Josiah home.  I miss home <3

It's time to feed Josiah.  Then it's time to feed Mama :)

More updates to come <3

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