Friday, January 27, 2012

Late Night Update

Josiah has continued to progress in, what seems like, an unprecedented fashion :)

After his afternoon nap, he was allowed to nurse for the first time since prior to surgery.  He did GREAT!  He's back to his every four hours feeding routine.  The arterial line has been removed as well as several IVs.  He continues to receive medication to prevent blood-clots and a diuretic.  He's also receiving high blood pressure medication.  The surgeon explained that Josiah's heart has been essentially bench pressing 150lbs (due to the holes).  The holes are gone, yet the heart hasn't learned that it no longer needs to pump with such aggression.  The discrepancy causes his blood pressure to be high....this will improve with time.  Although he may be sent home on medication, the belief is that it will all be short-term medication.  That is such good news.

Tomorrow, Josiah's central line will be removed and he will be moved OUT OF ICU.  It's amazing how well he is doing.

While feeding him this evening, a 'code blue' was called on the unit.  The dichotomy of emotion was strange.  On the one hand, my heart poured out to the child/family who was being affected; the other half of me was thankful that it wasn't my child/family.  Some time later, I was leaving the unit to take a walk.  I used the same hallway I'd used so many times before.  I quickly came across a swarm of staff members who redirected me to a different exit.  They were in front of a room who was housed by a little boy.  I remember (previously) thinking that this child had been here awhile as the window to his room was decorated with large posters, his name, cut out snowflakes, etc.  I will simply refer to him as "W."  As I exited the unit, I walked by a small consult room.  There were two staff members talking to a young woman (who was crying).  I heard one staff member say, "We'll take everything off, clean him up, and you can spend as much time as you need."  I inwardly gasped for air.  She had just lost her little man.  How absolutely terrifying and tragic.  I keep thinking of that little boy and hope he is resting peacefully with the angels in Heaven.  Sweet eternal dreams little W.

Tonight, I learned that a dear friend had a heart attack.  He's young.  Thank God, he's ok.  It shows you that you just never know.  Always remember to hold your loved ones close & tell them you love them, often.  Hold on to the good; let go of the bad.  Harbor forgiveness, not resentment.  Be thankful, not bitter.  Enjoy every minute you're given.

It's late and I should nap.  Tomorrow, we continue our own amazing journey.  I can't wait!!!

Until then, my friends.....

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