Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Day Before Surgery

We took Josiah for pre-op testing today.  He had an EKG and labs, which all came back normal (a big relief).  His weight had dropped from 9.3 lbs to 8.7 lbs since Friday....that was frustrating to hear.  Given that he's been on Lasix since Friday, the medical staff was not surprised by the weight loss.

We spoke with a member of the anesthesiology and surgery departments.  Releases were signed.  We were given a tour of ICU, Josiah's first stop after surgery.  We can bring a computer, as long as we don't plug it in (Wow!  I guess I'll be leaving the computer at home LOL).  We can have a drink in Josiah's room, as long as it has a cover on it.  We can eat, as long as it's in the family room.  We can have our cell phone, as long as we're in the hallway outside of the unit.  Ok, looks like this stay won't be quite as comfortable as I had hoped.  The priority is Josiah so it matters not.  Sometimes, a little extra comfort just helps.  Oh well.

We were home by 2pm, which was nice.  We all took a nap.  I checked in with my folks; the boys are doing well.  We've cleaned up the house a bit.  I'm not planning on getting a lot of sleep tonight.  It's 10:43pm now.  We still have to pack for Josiah (and us).  Josiah needs a bath.  And, finally, I need to feed him at 2am to allow him to eat before his 3am cut-off time.  We're leaving the house at 5am to assure the 7am check-in time.  Traffic can be horrible, even that early.

It's hard to imaging handing my 3 month old baby, and all the control, to a surgeon in a few hours.  It's hard knowing that they will stop his little heart from beating, in order to fix it.  It's hard knowing that he will have tubes, and breathing machines, and goodness knows what!  I just keep reminding myself that it's become a fairly common procedure, and success rates are very high (98-99%).  It's hard knowing that he will be in pain.  On the other hand, I am grateful that he is too young to know, too young to be afraid, and too young to remember.

God, please take care of my son!
Josiah, be strong my littlest angel <3


  1. God is with you as are all of your friends.I know how hard it is . I remember seeing James in the NICU. Tubes all over him ,a breathing machine keeping him breathing. It's overwhelming, it's horrible, and it's heart wrenching. Just have faith. Josiah is Surrounded by so much love and so many prayers. God is with him and with you. And we are with you too..God Bless