Sunday, January 22, 2012

Preparations for the week to come....

My mind has been reeling.  Constant check-lists going through my head.  Have I contacted everyone I need to?  Have I cancelled appointments that were previously scheduled?  What do I need to pack for the boys?  What do I need to pack?  What needs to get done at the house before we leave?

The phone call came Friday morning.  Pre-op Tuesday.  Open-heart surgery Wednesday.  So much to do now.  My first call was to my Mom who graciously agreed to take the older boys for most of the week.  Jesse will go to school on Monday; James will have his EI appointment.  Then, off to their grandparents house for the week.  Jesse's teacher has already been notified of his anticipated absence this week.  Playgroup has been notified of James's absence this week.  I've notified the pediatrician and EI.

It's been a fury of laundry this weekend.  I need to be sure the we all have the clothes we may need for the week.  Jesse's bag is packed.  James clothes are ready to be packed.  He's in bed, so this will wait until morning.  Blankets, best friends (ie, stuffed animals), etc will all be packed last.  I've explained to Jesse what's happening.  James just knows he's having several sleepovers at 'Mimi's' house :)

Tomorrow is a busy day.  Finish packing the older boys.  The lists keep running through my head.  Don't forget to pack this; don't forget to pack that.  Jesse has school.  James has EI.  Their favorite hairdresser is coming to our house to cut their hair.  Josiah has EI.  I'm going to try to squeeze in a trip to the dentist in the a.m.  Still, I need to find time for laundry, packing, post office, and grocery store.  Later in the day, we'll take the boys to my parents' house.

Tuesday, pre-op.  Wednesday, surgery.  I will stay with Josiah until he returns home.  Carl will make the trips back-and-forth from hospital to home.  Knowing ahead helps.  I'll have clothes, snacks, a few DVDs, and my computer with me.  I won't feel so out of touch.  I know that will be helpful.

Our new DS parent friends are great.  One has already told us she will be bringing us a care package while we are there.  Another has told us she will be checking on us.  Carl's brother is coming by to check on us.  Aunts/Uncles have offered to assist.  Friends have offered an ear and a hug, as needed.  They may sound like small things, but they are not! 

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." - Mother Teresa

Everyday, I am humbled by the support we receive from others.  We couldn't ask for better friends or family.  We hope they know how much we appreciate them.

"A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand...and touches your heart." - anonymous

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