Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter time 2012

We packed up on Saturday morning, and headed out to meet our new friends.  We gathered at the family's home.  Carl & I met a lot of great folks - all whom have a child with DS.  We met a lot of great kids.  Lunch was fabulous!  The company was wonderful.  The Easter Egg Hunt in their beautiful back yard was a smashing success.  The Easter Bunny even stopped by for pictures, etc.  Jesse and James had a riot collecting their Easter eggs.  They played on the climbing structure, with various toys, enjoyed rides in a wagon, and hugged the Easter bunny.  After a few hours, we said good bye to our new friends and headed home.

Jesse and James were soon off, again, to their grandparents house.  There, they spent the remainder of the day cooking goodies for Sunday's get-together.  Carl and I spent most of our day cleaning and preparing for Sunday.

Sunday went smoothly.  Everyone came to our house.  We all had a nice day.  The older boys had fun with their Uncle T & Auntie A.  Josiah did what babies do....ate, slept, and enjoyed being cuddled :) 

On Monday, K returned to work with Josiah.  As usual, he enjoyed seeing his 'girlfriend.'  He happily worked with K for the duration.  Josiah is demonstrating more and more strength every day.  He turns his head from side-to-side, more readily now, while on his tummy.  His determination continues to be obvious.  He is such a little trooper.  After his session, it was James turn.

K met with James for his session.  C joined the team this week.  C will be working with James, weekly, on his speech.  K will continue to work with James, weekly, as well.  James loves the extra attention.  K is met with squeals of delight, each time.  I imagine C will start to experience a similar tradition soon :)

Tuesday had us all returning to the afternoon playgroup; the boys received their "Raising a Reader" book bags.  They were very excited.

James had his other playgroup this a.m.  Carl and I had planned on bringing James and Josiah to that.  Unfortunately, Josiah didn't cooperate with feeding this a.m.  So, at the last minute, Carl & James left for playgroup alone.  I stayed home with Josiah.  I'm still not sure why he was refusing to nurse.  He had nursed on one side earlier; the second side, he didn't want any part of.  I finally made a bottle which he quickly consumed.  He then fell fast asleep.  He slept for 4 hours.  When he awoke, all was fine again.  He has fed well for the rest of the day and evening.

Tomorrow, D comes to work with Josiah.  James will be enrolled in preschool, for next year.  Then, we are attending a family night at Jesse's school.  Friday, we have no plans.  I hope to keep it that'll be a much appreciated break.

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