Friday, April 27, 2012

End of a Long Week

I'm so glad this week is over.  I was glad to have our routine back....but the week was not ideal.

Jesse had a friend over on Tuesday and we all went to playgroup - it was great!  Unfortunately, after the friend left, Jesse didn't feel well.  He missed school for the rest of the week.  His symptoms consisted only of vomiting and diarrhea....once or twice daily; no other symptoms.  We've had to work around him being home, and not feeling well.  We called the pediatrician today but they suggested we continue to do what we have been doing (keeping him hydrated and feeding him the "brat" diet).  My parents are Godsends - they have taken Jesse and James for the night.

James, meanwhile, had his 2nd playgroup on Wednesday & had a blast!  He enjoyed his outing with Daddy :)

Yesterday, D & K (EI) came out to work with Josiah.  As usual, Josiah was out to impress.  He tolerated handling well (he does love being handled by his girlfriends - hahaha) and was cooperative with side-lying.  He laid on his belly for an extended time, lifting his head with great determination!  D & K are very pleased with his progress over the last couple of weeks.
Josiah's cereal eating continues to go well.  He enjoys his rice cereal once/daily.  I've called C to update her; I know she is ready to jump in, when needed, for and/all feeding issues.

Today, I was able to do some much-needed errands.  The older boys are at my parents house for the night.  Carl & I are going to be able to enjoy some 'alone' time (with Josiah, of course). 

Right now, the house is quiet.  The baby is sleeping.  Life is good.

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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