Sunday, April 1, 2012

PT Visit, 'Mama,' and Eating

This has been a great week.

D came out on Thursday to work with Josiah on PT.  He continues to impress.  I woke him at 7am, fed him, changed him, and prepared the floor for their session.  D's prompt arrival was met with smiles and vocalizations.  Josiah did very well with his side-lying this week.  He reached for toys, grasping them with his little hands.  He made a lot of eye contact with D, me (every time I accidentally came into view), and Jesse (who was getting ready for school).  He demonstrated great tummy time, working hard to gain muscle control in his neck.  He still gets very frustrated while on his tummy.  He wants to do it all; he becomes frustrated when his little body doesn't cooperate.  When on his belly, he particularly enjoys his head being turned to the right.  He gets angry when D tries turning it to the left.  It is while his head is turned to the left that he demonstrates his determination.  He lifts his head, if ever so slightly, and uses his left hand to turn his head back to the right lol.

About 30 minutes into the session, he neared "meltdown-mode."  He was frustrated from working so hard.  Luckily, we engaged him with a favorite toy and he was able to settle down quickly.  He cooperatively worked for another 30 minutes.  It was a great session; we were thrilled.

During the earlier part of the week, I believed that Josiah had said "Mama" twice.  I also knew my own hopes could be swaying my perception.  Thursday morning, he proved that my perception was accurate.  While working with D, I crossed the room; He quickly spotted me.  He looked at me and, very deliberately, said "Mama."  I was thrilled to hear that word.  It was one of those "heart melting" moments.

Josiah continues to nurse well.  I was becoming frustrated, again, regarding the need for supplementation.  Yet, I know that the we cannot lose ground with the weight-gain battle, we fought so hard to win.  I stopped fortifying Josiah's bottles the other day.  I want to see how well he does without the extra calories.  He continues to get bottles of breast milk or formula, they are just not "fortified."  Meanwhile, I continue my quest to increase my own supply of milk.  Yesterday, I had a mere flash of a memory regarding oatmeal.  While attempting to nurse Jesse, five years ago, I read that oatmeal could assist in increasing milk supply.  How had I forgotten that?  One quick search in a newly purchased book confirmed the memory.  So, last night, I made oatmeal cookies.  Carl & I enjoyed quite a few of them, right out of the oven.  Perhaps, it's just wishful thinking; Perhaps, it's a self-fulfilling prophesy.  All I know is that my supply showed improvement today.  I just made oatmeal muffins.  If it works, don't fix it; Right? 

I bought a baby scale; it arrived yesterday.  I will set it up on Sunday, and see where we stand.  I hope ceasing the fortifying doesn't come back to bite me (or Josiah) in the butt.  I don't think it will.  I think he's gained weight; he feels like he gained weight.  I'll have a better sense tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed :)

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