Thursday, April 12, 2012

PT - the BEST session ever!

Josiah had PT this a.m.  D's session note reads "the best session ever!"  How nice is that?

Josiah & I were up early this a.m. in preparation for D's weekly visit.  Josiah was fed and changed.  The floor was ready for today's session when D arrived.  As usual, she was met with huge smiles.  Josiah's 'talking' was superior today.  He enjoyed 'talking' to D and each toy he was given.  He even 'talked' to the cute baby in the mirror :)

Josiah tolerated side lying today, without the usual fuss.  He reached well for toys, grabbing most that interested him.  He successfully rolled onto his tummy and proceeded to 'show off' for D.  Josiah turned his head from side-to-side with relative ease.  This included turning it from R to L, something he has struggled with previously.

While on his tummy, D brought his elbows in; Josiah was able to lift his head to look at Mama (I was lying on my tummy, facing him).  We have never seen him lift his head as well as he did today.  He didn't just rest his chin on the floor, he had several inches of clearance between his chin and floor.  He did this several times.  Both D and I almost squealed in delight.  Later in the session, Josiah was able to accomplish this task again - while facing the mirror. 

Josiah tolerated sitting up very well today (while being supported by D).  Josiah was able to keep his head up independently for about 10-15 seconds.  He's still my little bobble-head, but his neck muscles are clearly getting stronger.  Josiah successfully balanced his own head numerous times, each for 10-15 seconds.  We were thrilled to see this accomplishment. 

While sitting, Josiah reached for toys - grabbing several.  He really enjoyed his musical gym today.  It was the much needed toy, about 40 minutes into the session.  He turned his head several times, to look at D, while balancing his own head.  Despite growing weary, I think he was proud of himself.  I know we were proud of him <3

Josiah lasted a total of 1 hour 5 minutes (only 10 minutes shy of the complete session).  He was exhausted and happy to be in Mama's arms.  After nursing for about 3 minutes, he fell fast asleep :)  I expect he'll be asleep for a while.

I can't wait to update K on today's exciting session.  I know she will be thrilled!

Next week, D & K are on vacation.  Carl & I will be sure to continue to work with Josiah so he doesn't lose any ground.  He is an amazing little boy.  His strength and determination are overwhelming!  He will clearly accomplish anything he sets his mind to.  We are so proud of him.

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