Friday, April 6, 2012

PT, Weight, and Cardiology

Josiah's PT appointment, yesterday, was another success.  He met D with huge smiles.  He was happy to demonstrate his tricks for her, again.  He recognizes certain things as being 'work', thus is more apt to complain during the session.  He is making huge strides every week.  We need to continue to work on his head control.  His arms/legs are making significant improvements each week.  It's fun to watch him accomplish new goals.

Josiah had his cardiology appointment this morning.  As planned, I woke him early to nurse him.  Then, I offered him a bottle of high-calorie formula.  He drank 2 oz before it was time to leave.

He slept on the way to the MD.  He was in a good mood upon arrival.  After the usual check in and EKG, they brought the scale in.  11lbs 2oz.  I had estimated an 'ideal' weight of 11lbs 4.5oz for this a.m.  We were only 2.5oz off....I'm elated!  It was so much better than I feared.

The cardiologist is wonderful and he is thrilled with Josiah's progress.  Josiah's heart is no longer a concern.  Josiah doesn't need to be seen again for six months.  The appointments are backing off....a sure sign of improvement.  We are so thankful.

Meanwhile, today is day 4 of my new no-smoking campaign.  I'm shocked by how easy this has been.  I've known, for a long time, that I was ready to quit.  I knew "cutting down" would never work for me.  I knew it would be an "all or nothing" approach.  This has played out well.  I have no physical cravings.  I have 2 or 3 "psychological/behavioral" cravings per day.  They only last mere moments; I am able to easily redirect myself.  After 27 yrs of smoking, believing it was going to be this easy would have seemed delusional.  I am so thankful for the reality.

Tomorrow, we will join a new group of friends (all of whom are blessed with a child with DS), for an Easter Egg hunt & lunch.  The siblings are all coming too.  I'm really looking forward to meeting our new friends. 

Sunday, family is coming here to celebrate Easter.  I remain in awe of the miracles that have blessed my family.  I remain so many.....for so much <3

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