Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Slow Gain

It has been a mellow week.  While I usually enjoy 'down time,' I'm finding it to be an aggravation this week.  I have been bored, 'stir crazy,' and seeking 'something.'  It's hard to explain what I'm even looking for.....I'm just feeling a bit unsettled.

Jesse is enjoying April vacation this week.  All but one of the EI workers are on vacation.  One of the two playgroups are on vacation.  So, James has had one playgroup; Josiah has had one EI visit with the feeding specialist C (and shadower D).  As usual, he was out to impress his girlfriend(s).  Josiah tolerated every task, and met every challenge with his usual determination.

James (and Daddy) attended the one playgroup.  James was pleased to have 'his own thing' to do.

In between, Mama has been cleaning, going through things, doing laundry, and trying to keep myself from going insane.  I've been dreaming up freecycle pick ups to do, just to pass the time.  I even made Josiah's six-month check up for today, just to give me something to do. 

Perhaps knowing that Josiah's weight would soon be checked, and the certainty that he did not gain 1oz per day, has had me on edge; I wouldn't be surprised.  The end result was this: Josiah weighed in at 11lbs 7.5oz.  He gained approximately 1/2oz per day over the last month.  "Ideally," we would like to see a 1oz/day weight gain - that just may be unrealistic.  Josiah, surprisingly, grew THREE inches over the past 2 months!!!  That seemed like a lot - I was pleased.  Though the MD would like to see 1oz/day, he seemed satisfied with the current gain....thank goodness!

Meanwhile, my mind has been wandering....I'll keep you posted on where it lands :)

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