Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waging the Weight Battle

So, it occurred to me that Josiah will be weighed in the morning.  This is routine during his cardiology visits.  I tossed him on the scale today....10lbs 11.5oz.  Are you serious?  I feel like the last two weeks has been a series of experiments gone wrong lol.  I had stopped supplementing; that came back to bite me in the butt.  I'd gotten lazy about pumping; I need to make an extra effort now.  I've been letting Josiah sleep at night (generally 9pm until 7am); I will resume the midnight wake-up/feedings.  Given that he weighed 10lbs 6.5oz 2 wks ago, he should "ideally" weigh 11lbs 4.5oz tomorrow morning.  UGH!!!  This continues to be a huge frustration for me.  I cannot wait until we're at the point where we can relax for a minute without the fear of the "weight thing."  So, I'll give him a few extra bottles tonight, in the a.m., and hope for the best.  I'll fix the aforementioned things, in the meanwhile.

Tomorrow's cardiology appointment should be a breeze.  Josiah is doing great post-surgery!  We anticipate no problems or surprises.  We just need to fix the weight issue before we see the pediatrician again :>

I think it's time to touch base with KF again.  Soon.....this is driving me CRAZY :)

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