Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello Rice Cereal and Crazy Appetite

April vacation is officially over.  Jesse is back to school.  Our EI friends are back.  Playgroups are running.  Things seem back to normal; apparently in my old age, structure is a good thing :)  I already feel less stir crazy and more focused.

I talked to KF this a.m.  She was clearly not disappointed in Josiah's weight gain.  Left to my own devices, I wasn't either.  However, I still get anxiety riddled over how the MD may react to a less than ideal weight gain.  We know that the MD would like to have seen twice the gain, but given everything - we think Josiah is doing great!  He is alert, oriented, responsive, engaging, and active.  He also grew three inches in the past two months.  The MD remarked that his height places him in the 15th percentile.  His weight places him on the "0" percentile.  When asked, "of the Down Syndrome chart?," the answer was no.  The computer only charts on the 'regular' chart. 

So, at 6 months, he's 11lbs 7.5oz.  He's 25.5inches tall.  I decided to check the Down Syndrome growth chart for boys.  Josiah's weight places him in the 10th percentile.  His height places him in the 50th percentile!  I think I'll start carrying this chart with me to the MD's office :)

On Thursday, the MD had given the go-ahead to start rice cereal.  I'll be honest....I've dragged my feet a little on this issue.  I had asked the question (can we start cereal?) then, of course, regretted having asked.  I even told KF that I was probably going to delay the endeavor.  Of course, then there are time when you ask yourself "why wait?"  Last night proved to be one of those nights.

After breastfeeding Josiah, and giving him two bottles, the child seems insatiable.  It was as if he decided to make up for all of the slow weight gain, in ONE night.  So, out came the rice cereal.  I made it thicker than usual (but not as "paste-like" as suggested by the MD).  Josiah did great!!!!  Given his extremely high palette, I wasn't sure how well he would do.  As is typical for Josiah, he made me wonder why I had questioned his ability......  I lost track of how much, in all, he consumed but it was a lot for one little boy.  Needless to say, when he fell asleep - he slept soundly all night.

I had to wake him this a.m. around 7am....the breastfeeding had gone too long - he needed to eat!!!!  And so he did.  Despite the fact that my milk supply was GREAT this a.m., he proved still hungry!  So, out came the rice cereal again!  He enjoyed his bowl of cereal & the remainder of a five ounce bottle.  After a few good burps, he was in his swing & dreaming about the things babies dream about :)

James has been a crazy little person this morning.  I've somehow managed to get a few things done.  In a while, we'll pack up the little ones, pick up Jesse (and his friend) from school, and we're off to playgroup #1.  Hopefully, I can squeeze a quick errand in after playgroup. 

Tomorrow is another playgroup for James.  Thursday, EI returns for Josiah.  That will end the appointments for the week, I think.

Meanwhile, my non-smoking venture has been a complete success.  It's been three weeks as of last night!  It's been amazingly easy :)

Everyday, I continue to be thankful for everything, and everyone, in my life <3

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