Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just an Average Tuesday

My decision, yesterday, to quit smoking had not come without consideration and contemplation.  It was years of thought thrust into a split-second decision.  I gave myself the rest of Monday to smoke.  It was understood, I would not smoke today.  And so it has happened.  I had my last cigarette at 12:30am, just before retiring for the night.  I haven't had one since.  It's been 21.5 hours, and counting.  So far, so good.

Yesterday, Jesse had school as usual.  James had fun with EI.  K's arrival was met with squeals of delight.  Today, the children returned to playgroup; it meets in the afternoon now, so even Jesse can join in.  They all enjoyed that which has become so familiar.

Tomorrow, James starts a new EI group.  Josiah will tag along, as the baby brother.  I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to a new group.  K will return in the afternoon to work with Josiah - something I really look forward to.  Jesse and Daddy have an outing tomorrow night.  On Thursday, Josiah will work with D.  Friday, he has his next cardiology appointment.

I'm trying to keep track of Josiah's weight, from home.  I finally set up the new baby scale.  I weighed him on Sunday.  10lbs 10oz.  He had weighed 10lbs 6.5oz, 9 days previously.  Ideally, he would have weighed 10lbs 15oz.  We're about 5oz off.  I had stopped fortifying his bottles; I immediately resumed the fortification process.  Yesterday, I weighed him but it was later in the day...11lbs even.  He had just eaten.  I just realized that he'll be weighed on Friday (at the cardiologist), so I'll try to make sure his weight is "up there" before we go lol.

So, all in all - no big deal.  Ongoing weight checks, EI, PT, playgroups, preschool, cardiology, and quit smoking.  No problem!  :)

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