Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Break-Through in the Weight Gain Battle

Yesterday, Josiah woke at about 7am.  I had not forgotten that he had an appointment at the pediatrician at 10:30am.  He was due for his next (and final) Synagis shot for this season.  The Synagis shot requires a weight check, as the dosage is dependent on weight.  I nursed him and prayed for an 'acceptable' weight gain.

Jesse went to school.  Carl and I packed up the other boys and headed to the pediatrician.  We were there a few minutes early, and brought straight to a room.  I tried to remain optimistic, but prepared for the disappointment that has defined so many weight checks before.  I got Josiah undressed and carried him to the scale.  The moment of truth had arrived.

I placed him on the scale.  I was hoping to be excited about the results.  Part of me was ready to burst into tears if the results were not as I hoped.  When the scale locked in with his current weight, I was ELATED!  10lbs 6.5oz.  He had gained 15oz in 15 days.  It was the 'picture perfect' weight gain (1 oz per day).  I carried him back to the room; I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with joy!

Within minutes, I could hear the pediatrician walking towards the room, all the way pronouncing "15oz in 15 days."  LOL.  At last, it was not going to feel like a 'doom and gloom' visit.  I finally felt as if we had broken through that barrier.  I was thrilled.  Carl was thrilled.  The MD (and nurses) were thrilled!  FINALLY!  He received his shot, and we were done!  We were homeward bound, without the overwhelming anxiety of visits past.  Josiah doesn't need to be seen until next month, for his 6-month check up.

We were winning the weight battle.  I am still nursing, primarily.  Josiah is only receiving 1-2 supplemental bottles per day.  Don't believe anyone who tells you that a special needs child cannot be breastfed!

K called while we at the pediatrician's office.  She is coming out on Monday with one more member of this amazing team!  I was able to, briefly, update her with the good news.  She shared in our excitement.

I called KF during the late afternoon hour.  I was delighted to share our news with her.  She has truly been an amazing support throughout this weight gain battle.  Last week, she told me that this has become 'personal' for her too.  I cannot explain how touched I've been by the amazing supports we have in our life.  I told KF that her undying support through my breastfeeding journey, has been invaluable.  I don't think I would've continued the BF without her help.

I've learned over the years that the most important things in a person's life, are those worth fighting for.  This up-the-down-staircase journey is not always easy.  However, it's one of those battles worth fighting.  I have amazing parents, an incredible brother, and the best sister-in-law in the world.  I am blessed with a husband, who is my best friend.  I have 3 amazing boys who teach me new things, everyday.  Our family has that one extra chromosome which has introduced us to new friends, new supports, new information, new learning opportunities, and confirmed our belief that we are the luckiest people in the world.

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