Monday, March 5, 2012

Determined to Find Solutions

Josiah woke at 5:45am.  He always nurses well first thing in the morning.  Despite lingering frustration, I was determined to get things rolling....

K came out at 8:30 to work with James.  He was so cute this morning & beyond excited to see her.  They spent their time playing, talking, and laughing.  Josiah enjoyed watching them, from his swing.  K was able to see the boys back-to-back today, which was nice.  At 9:45, it was Josiah's turn.  He, too, had fun with K.  He showed off his ability to hold toys, each time bringing them up the air (and looking at them).  He rolled onto his side and back again.  He kicked his tripod toy, triggering the music sensor; he's clearly demonstrating his understanding of cause and effect.  We moved the tripod so it was over his chest.  He enjoyed proving that he could trigger the same sensor, using his hands :)   He responds with pride each time he demonstrates one of his tricks.  He's an amazing little boy.

Jesse went to school and had a great day.  We all went to pick him up; he likes when we do that.  Afterwards, we did a few quick errands and returned home.  During mid-late afternoon, I offered Josiah a new bottle that arrived today (I ordered it on Saturday).  I was ecstatic about this bottle as I believed Josiah would really like it.  Again, I was hopefully optimistic.  Josiah would have no part of that thing!  So, I continued to nurse Josiah on-demand, even when I felt I had nothing left.  It can be exhausting.  I still worry about the lack of weight gain.  I know things will get better soon.

I heard back from the DS clinic today.  Josiah has an appointment, tomorrow, to meet with both a nutritionist and feeding specialist.  I hope they can offer a few helpful suggestions.  This evening, I called KF.  We spoke at length.  I am determined to continue to breastfeed Josiah; KF is determined to support my efforts.  She is also determined to help me solve this current feeding/lack-of-weight-gain issue.  She offered some very helpful tips, which I will implement immediately.  We'll see what comes of tomorrow's appointments.

The boys are going to my parent's house tomorrow so we can go into Children's with Josiah.  It's always less complicated when the older boys are not in tow.

I firmly believe this will all work.  I'm just looking forward to reaching that reality :)

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