Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Better Week

I have finally pulled myself out of the 'bummed out' mode, I had slipped into.  I had started to pull myself out of that hole.  Then, today, I talked to KF (lactation specialist/friend) - it took no time at all to be feeling great again.  I always feel better after talking to her :)  It was all over the need to supplement feedings with bottles.  It seems silly to me but emotions cannot always be explained :)

Josiah has been doing really well.  I continue to breastfeed, on-demand.  He generally takes 1-2 bottles per day, ranging from 2-4 ounces each.  I jumped on the bathroom scale the other day (alone), then again holding him.  The difference calculated at 10.6 lbs.  So, I'm feeling positive that this week's weight check will produce positive results.

It's been a relatively quiet week.  Jesse has been going to school, as usual.  He has a field trip tomorrow that he excited about.  James has no playgroup this week so it's been an at-home kind of a week.  Josiah didn't have EI on Monday; Instead, K & D both come tomorrow.  I'm excited for D to see him.  She's the physical therapist & I think she will be pleased with his progress.  Now, if he could just hold his own head up lol.

Josiah's synagis shot is scheduled for Friday.  That's when he will be weighed again; I remain optimistic about those results.  Meanwhile, he is alert and playful.  He enjoys grabbing at, and grasping, his favorite toys.  He continues to roll over from back to belly (oftentimes getting stuck there).  He looks less like an infant now.  If my eyes do not deceive me, I swear (at times) he looks like he is actually getting a little bit of a belly.  These are all good signs that my little heart hero is doing well.

The next two days are sure to be good ones. 

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