Sunday, March 4, 2012

Steps in the Right Direction

It's amazing what a solid six hours of sleep can do for the soul and mind :)

Yesterday, my mind was still reeling over Josiah and his lack of weight gain.  It had been another night of broken sleep....bed at 12...up at 2...bed at 4...up at 7.  I had a terrible migraine for most of the day.  Despite exhaustion and frustration, I knew a solution had to be near.  I was determined to locate it.

Friday night, on a whim, I ran to the store and purchased a different kind of bottle hoping he may take to it.  We tried it on Friday, filled with formula, without success. 

Yesterday, after the first couple of feedings, I offered Josiah the same bottle filled with 2oz of breast milk.  I took KF's suggestions....make it a game.  Don't force the bottle on him.  Let him "play" with it.  We spent about thirty minutes attempting the bottle.  In the end, he drank about 1/2 oz.  It was disappointing but at least he tolerated our new game.

I emailed A at the DS clinic.  I figured I'd initiate the nutritionist connection.  It'll be funny, in the end, if we don't need the appointment.

Late yesterday afternoon, while feeling drained, Carl offered him the same bottle (also filled with breast milk).  Josiah wasn't interested.  After about 15 minutes of trying, I took over.  As I approached Josiah, he smiled.  Carl and I knew we were being played lol.  I snuggled closely with Josiah while offering him the bottle.  He drank almost the entire 2oz bottle.  I was ecstatic!  I felt we had crossed a major hurdle.

Josiah continued to take feedings as usual.  During the last feeding of the night, I had an idea.  I nursed him on one side then let him take a quick break.  I heated up a "nurser" bottle - these are 2oz bottles pre-filled with formula; hospitals often give them out with new baby packages.  Again, I snuggled closely with Josiah while offering him the bottle.  He drank the entire bottle without complaint.  I burped him, nursed him on the other side, and he feel soundly asleep in my arms.  I laid him in his crib at approximately 11:30pm.  He woke me at 5:30am. 

11:30pm to 5:30am....a solid six hours.  It's amazing what a difference that has made for my once-tired mind.  I feel great today.  Josiah has nursed well this morning.  I will offer him supplemental bottles again today.  I truly believe we've crossed a bridge.  I'm feeling very positive.  I'm feeling very blessed <3

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