Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day 3/21/12

I'm sure to many, today was simply Wednesday.  For some, it was merely March 21st.  For the DS community, we rejoiced today.  Today, was World Down Syndrome Day.  The date, numerically, is 3-21.  The 3 represents the extra chromosome.  The 21 represents the placement of the extra chromosome.  Down Syndrome is determined when there are 3 copies (instead of the normal two) of the 21st chromosome.

The first World Down Syndrome Day was celebrated in 2006, in Singapore.  This year marks the 7th Anniversary of WDSD.  More importantly, it is first year that WDSD was officially observed by the United Nations.  In honor of this great day, DSi launched a Global Video Event with 68 countries.  Please take a few minutes to watch; You'll be glad you did.  The video features beautiful children, just like Josiah, who all have that 'little extra something' :)

A good life
is when you
assume nothing,
do more,
need less,
smile often,
dream big,
laugh a lot,
and realize how
blessed you are

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