Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Member of Our Team

On Monday, K arrived for Josiah's weekly session.  KT (OT) joined us.  Josiah enjoyed K and enjoyed meeting his new friend.  The consult for OT was initiated due to Josiah's difficulties in gaining weight.  Of course, we seemed to have broken through that barrier last week.  Thus, I hoped we weren't wasting KT's time.  Josiah enjoyed showing off all of his tricks.  KT, who demonstrates a love for the babies, enjoyed watching, working, and playing with him. 

Josiah is doing so well, and making huge strides every week.  It's exciting to see.  Despite having broken through the weight-gain hurdle, KT will continue to visit monthly for now.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should not start "food" until about 6 months of age.  We don't know if the pediatrician will want to start food with him right at 6 months, or if he'll want to wait a bit longer.  Josiah still has limited head control; that may play a role in determining when he starts "foods."  When he does, I suspect that KT will be another invaluable team player.  Josiah was born with an extremely high palette (not unusual in Down Syndrome).  From what I've read, and heard, food can easily become lodged up there, and the child's tongue cannot reach high enough to dislodge it.  OT can be very helpful in overcoming such hurdles.  I am prepared for the (possible) continued eating challenges.  I know Josiah will ultimately prove successful.

As a funny side note....yesterday, I had placed Josiah in his swing.  James (age 2) was in the room alone with the little guy.  I entered the living room only to find James feeding tiny little muffin crumbs to his baby brother.  I softly reminded James that the baby is too little to eat "real food."  All the while, I had to control my laughter.  Josiah had muffin crumbs on his chin, lower lip, upper lip, and under his nose.  He had little bits of crumbs on his tongue which he was happily gumming to death :)  Josiah looked at me, then looked at James and gave him a huge smile.  It was a cute moment.  Josiah seemed to enjoy the momentary break from milk. 

And, did I mention that the aforementioned muffin was chocolate chip????

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