Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Much Needed Break, Playdate, and 5 Months Old

A week-long hiatus from writing is unusual for me.  I'm back :)

Last weekend, the older boys spent a night at my parents house.  It gave Carl and I a much needed break.  This time, unlike others, we had predetermined to "do nothing."  So often, when the older boys are away, we set a goal of accomplishing tasks....usually too many to successfully accomplish within the time frame given.  It always leads to disappointment when the boys return with thoughts of, "We should have gotten more done," etc.  Our goal last weekend was void of all tasks.  It was impossible to disappoint.  We spent time together, watched tv, and just relaxed.  It was wonderful.  Saturday night, the older boys returned home.  They had a wonderful time with their grandparents.

On Sunday, Jesse had his friend M over.  It was his first 'real' play date.  It was the first time having a friend (of his choice) come over to play.  We picked up M around 12noon and drove them home.  They had lunch, and spent the next five hours playing.  They enjoyed playing outside & in Jesse's room.  Carl loved watching them play.  At 5pm, we drove M home.  The first play date was a smashing success!  Another milestone accomplished.

Josiah spent the weekend determined to prove how well he could roll over.  The proof was always in finding him on his he seemed equally determined to roll over when we were not in the room.  He's a funny little boy.  The days of leaving him on the couch 'just for a minute' have come to a crashing halt.  His new trick makes him a safety hazard (to himself) now.  He is so proud of his new ability, as are we.

On Monday, Josiah turned 5 months old.  It's so hard to believe the miracle that IS Josiah.  K came out in the morning to work with James.  As usual, they had a wonderful time working together.  She returned in the early afternoon to work with Josiah.  This was the first time that Carl and I were not home to participate in their session; Instead, my Mom was here.  K had heard that Josiah was rolling onto his tummy and, I know, she wanted to witness the new occurrence.  I had joked, "Good luck!" 

Apparently, Josiah did not disappoint.  Once he had greeted K, she laid him on his mat.  He aimed to please; He rolled onto his side.  Utilizing momentum, he continued to roll onto his tummy.  K was delighted!  During the next hour, Josiah repeated his new trick several times for K.  While on his tummy, he repeatedly turned his head from side to side.  The session was full of delighted adults (and one proud baby).  Though I missed the session, I was given a blow-by-blow account of it's success.  First, by my Mom; Later, by K (via phone). 

D is coming out next week for his physical therapy.  Up until now, it's been monthly; Rumor has it, it's soon to become weekly.  I'm excited!  I think this will be great for Josiah.

In terms of feedings, Josiah is doing well.  During the weekend, I continued to breastfeed on demand.  Josiah also took a total of 5 bottles, ranging from 1-3 oz each).  I'm still bothered by the need for supplementation, but will continue to do whatever is best for him <3.

This amazing journey continues....

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