Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yesterday's Visit to Children's

Jesse had the day off yesterday, due to teacher conferences.  So, he and James went to my parents house for the afternoon.  Carl and I headed to Children's with Josiah.

It was our first visit to the Developmental Medicine Center/DS clinic.  A was quick to meet us; she had paid Josiah and I a visit after his surgery.  She finally had the chance to meet Carl.  Josiah was weighed and measured.  He weighed in at 9lb 4.15oz.  At best, he's gained 3oz; At worst, he's gained 1oz since Friday.  We met, first, with the nutritionist, then the feeding specialist.  There were several good conclusions to our conversation.  First, it is unlikely that this is medically based (ie, gastrointestinal issues, absorption issues, etc).  Josiah seems well on all accounts.  Second, it is not a feeding issue - Josiah is doing well breastfeeding.  Third, there is nothing "wrong" with me. 

The final assessment:
Josiah simply needs more calories than he is currently getting.  As breast milk and formula both register at approximately 20 calories per ounce, Josiah likely needs more calories per oz.

1.  Nurse Josiah as we've been doing.  Immediately after each feeding, offer him 2oz of fortified formula or breast milk (breast milk or formula with added formula mixed in).
2.  Pump 2-3 times per day to increase my own supply, per KF's advice.

I love when problems and solutions are fairly simple.  This seems to be the case here.  I am so thankful.

This morning, Josiah had 1 interrupted feeding.  Two hours later, he had his second (and full) feeding.  He was immediately offered a 2oz bottle of fortified formula and he consumed the entire bottle.  He was given a second bottle, and consumed an additional oz.  I think we're off to a good start.  I'll wait until noon, and start the next round. 

Tomorrow, we return to the pediatrician for a weight check.  I'm hoping we can pack on a few ounces today lol.  We'll see.  If nothing else, I can tell the pediatrician the steps we have already taken to accomplish our simply mission: weight gain :)

It's a mellow day at home today.  I'm hoping to putter about, getting some things done at home.

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