Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great PT visit today :)

Josiah napped late yesterday, from 8:30pm until I woke him at 1:30am.  He nursed and was back in bed at 2am.  Carl and I followed shortly thereafter.  The alarm woke us at 6:30, as scheduled.  I woke Josiah up at 7am....I was excited for today's PT visit.  I changed him, nursed him, and prepared the living room for his PT visit.  K and D arrived promptly at 8am.  I was beside myself with excitement.  My fingers were crossed that Josiah would show D his new tricks.  He did not disappoint.

Josiah was happy to see his 'girlfriends.'  He was playful and engaging with both ladies.  While on his back, he happily reached, grabbed, and played with several toys.  He demonstrated his ability to raise both arms up the air, simultaneously.  He played with his fingers and hands.  He sucked on his arm lol.  His side-lying was wonderful today.  He even showed D his new trick of rolling over onto his belly....she had to help him 'unstick' his arms each time (as they become trapped underneath him).  D taught him how to use his leg to return to his back from a side-lying position....he later demonstrated his understanding of the lesson.  K and I eagerly pulled out the tripod toy to show D Josiah's understanding of cause and effect.  When the music stopped, Josiah used his legs to restart the music (this requires moving the middle hanging toy...a green circle).  I repositioned the tripod and Josiah proved his ability to utilize his arms for the same purpose.  It was very exciting.  While on his belly, he utilized many muscles in an effort to move/turn his head.  This is a challenge for Josiah, but his proved that he is gaining strength in his neck.  D also placed him in a sitting position; he worked hard to keep his head under control.

D was excited about his progress over the last month.  She indicated he is (finally) ready for weekly PT.  I am THRILLED!  Starting next week, Josiah will have PT weekly.  He will continue to work with K, weekly, as well.  My excitement is overflowing :)

By the end of today's session, Josiah was side-lying, crying, and unable to keep his eyes open.  He was exhausted!!!  I nursed him for about 5 minutes before he fell fast asleep in my arms.  I placed him in his crib at 9:15am.  I spent the next FOUR hours getting things done; Finally, at 1:15pm, I woke him.  It had been 5.5 hours since he had last eaten.  He nursed VERY well, played for awhile, consumed 1.5 ounces of a bottle, and (again) fell fast asleep.  I put him down for a nap at 3:30pm.....he remains asleep (it's now 5:30pm). 

Tomorrow, he is scheduled for the next Synagis shot.  I am, as always, nervous about the weight check.  Regardless, I remain optimistic! 

I see how far Josiah has come in the past 6 weeks, and I remain in awe.  I see his potential.  I know all that he will be able to accomplish soon.  He is an amazing child.  We could not be more blessed that he is ours <3.

As a side note: As I mentioned, yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day.  I forgot to mention how we celebrated at 7am......we had ice cream for breakfast.....all of us!  I think THAT will be a new tradition :)


  1. Awesome visit today!!!! He is one hard worker!!! So proud of him...and YOU!

    1. I was VERY excited about today :) He's a trooper! Thanks, Karie <3

  2. That is awesome. I am over joyed. HE is such a miracle. And he has an amazing family to help him on his journey. I can't wait to meet him